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BIODROGA MD™ Acid Treatments are the first choice among the dermaceutical cosmetic treatments for several skin problems. Thanks to the selection of different acid concentrations and acid types impressive treatment results are reached. A tailored selection of specific acids enables a pointed treatment of individual skin conditions and ensures an optimal treatment result.

The combination of acid treatment and Micro-Needling is a promising concept for the cosmetic treatment of scars and acne scars. The Micro-Needling stimulates skin’s own repair mechanism and collagen synthesis. The sunken scar tissue can be filled, the skin tone looks more even and scars appear less visible.

AHA acid 20 %
AHA acid 30 %
AHA acid 40 %
AHA acid 50 %
SENSITIVE PH 3,0 Lactic acid 20% + lactobionic acid 8%
IMPURE SKIN pH 2,0 Salycilic acid 2% + glycolic acid 5% + lactic acid 10%
ANTI-AGE pH 3,0 glycolic acid 30% + retinol
PIGMENT SPOTS pH 3,0 glycolic acid 10% + Actipone® Nutgrass

The BIODROGA MD Acid Treatment is a so-called surface peeling. This means that the treatment only acts on skin’s surface so that also the esthetician is allowed to apply this method. Deeper peels (whether chemical or mechanical) can only be performed by physicians.

Visible skin improvement after the very first treatment
Skin structure and pores look refined
The complexion looks evened out
Scars and fine wrinkles look diminished
Is effective against hyperpigmentation Der Satz passt nicht, wie heißt das im Deutschen?
Depending on the treatment goal, an individually selected acid improves the treatment result.


For an optimal improvement of the skin tone 5-6 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days are recommended, depending on the skin condition, skin type and the desired treatment goal. The acid treatment can perfectly be combined with the Micro-Needling.


The advantages of a surface peeling are manifold:

No downtime, everyday routine can continue immediately afterwards (only direct sun exposure should be avoided during the treatment period)
Possible redness or irritations fade shortly after the treatment
The skin tone visibly improves directly after the first treatment: The pores look refined, the skin tone looks fresher and smoother
Surface peelings are suited for a variety of different skin needs
Non-invasive treatment, i.e. no anesthesia required


Reduction of impurities
Pore refining
Lightening of pigment spots
Diminishment of wrinkles
Even complexion
Refining of light-stressed skin
Balancing of keratinization disorders
Diminshment of acne scars
Reduction of age spots
Improvement of skin elasticity
Refreshment and vitalization of pale and dull skin
Smoothening of the structure of dry and flaky skin