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BIODROGA MD - ANTI-OXIDANT SERUMS ( Retinol , De-Spot, Pre Sun & Glycation)

Biodroga MD Anti Ox - Anti-Age Advanced Formula 0.3 Serum

Retinol (vitamin A) is known for its multiple effects so that it can be considered as a fountain of youth for the skin cells. It stimulates skin's Regeneration functions and stimulates its collagen biosynthesis. Skin appears more elastic and firmer, and UV-induced lines and wrinkles are diminished. Vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C have an anti-oxidative effect while matrix peptides strengthen skin's extracellular matrix

Anti Ox Anti-Glycation • DNA - Advanced Formula 2.5 Serum

The special Glutathion Mimetic Peptide copies the effect of the body's own glutathion and helps to counteract skin damages caused by glycation and oxidative stress. The natural production of anti-oxidative enzymes is improved. In combination with the stabilized vitamin C, skin is protected against free radicals. Vitamin E improves skin's moisture-binding ability and supports its natural regeneration

Anti Ox De-Spot - Advanced Formula 2.0 Serum

The effective formula with phloretinn and ferulic acid offers skin a wide spectrum of action against free radicals.Ferulic acid acts against wrinkles and age spots and supports the repair of UV-induced skin damages. Actipone® Nutgrass lets pigment spots gradually fade. Stabilized vitamin C offers a synergistic support and imparts more radiance to skin.

Anti Ox Pre-Sun - Advanced Formula 0.5 Serum

Ferulic acid has an anti-oxidative effect and helps to prevent UV-induced skin damages. In addition, it improves skin's elasticity and resilience. Vitamin E supports skin's moisture-binding capacity with a smoothing effect. Stabilized vitamin C protects skin against free radicals imparting more radiance.
Matrix peptides strengthen the extracellular matrix of skin.