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Cell protecting power against free radicals

Cell protecting power against free radicals

Every day our skin is exposed to oxidative stress caused by UV rays or other harmful environmental factors, resulting in free radicals developing in the body including the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it has its own inherent way of protecting itself, this defensive mechanism becomes ineffective as soon as excessive amounts of free radicals become present in the body.

This oxidative stress can also visibly damage the skin cells, causing the skin to lose colour and elasticity and to appear less even toned. Thanks to their highly anti oxidant properties, superfoods are perfect for defending the skin from the outside against this particular form of stress.

Superfoods help the skin neutralise free radicals while also defending against further damage.

Tip : Anti oxidants prevent lipids from oxidising, helping to effectively combat moisture loss and prevent the development of wrinkles

The natural effect of the Superfoods used in BIO:VÉGANE products, Goji berry, Acai berry, cranberry and green tea forms the basis of our natural and healthy "skin nutrition". The antioxidant effects of Superfoods in our products protect your skin from free radicals, strengthen your own powers and provide them with natural care.