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Shape Perfection Body Oil -  Activating body oil for a soft skin
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Shape Perfection Body Oil - Activating body oil for a soft skin


• Slimming
• Tissue- firming • Detoxifying
• Regenerating

Selling tips

• Activating body oil for a perfected silhouette
• Innovative ingredient based on chili and mustard sprout
• Activates microcirculation
• Valuable caring oils: milk thistle, sesame and amaranth seed oil
• Free from mineral oil, silicones, PEG containing emulsifers, colorants and preservatives

Main ingredients

• Shape Perfection: activating, anti-cellulite
• Sesame oil: smoothing, anti-oxidative, regenerating
• Milk thistle oil: anti-oxidative, regenerating
• Amaranth seed oil: elasticity-improving, regenerating • Rosemary extract: anti-oxidative, moisturizing
• Avocado oil: caring, smoothing


Apply to problem areas in the morning and evening. An additional massage stimulates circulation and metabolism. The products CelluContour Body Cream and Shape Perfection Body Oil can also be applied above each other. This way, synergistic e ects of the e cacy can be e ectively utilized. The results of the treatment can be optimized with healthy nutrition and athletic activity.

During the Slimming Wrap treatment, apply the oil to the problem areas after applying CelluContour Body Cream and then massage with the special Body Science Massage. Afterwards, use foil wraps for drainage.

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