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Purifying Vital Balm
Dr Schrammek UK

Purifying Vital Balm

For oily skin with blemishes at mature age. Soft balm for impure, oily skin in need of additional anti-aging effects. Refines the pores and the complexion appears pure and clear, without shine. At the same time the skin is, with the help of selected ingredients, supported in moisture loss and decreasing regeneration. For more elasticity, strength and a fresh, clear skin at mature age. Without PEG-derivatives, parabens, dyes and mineral oil.

Combination-tip: To intensify the effect on impurities the IMPURITY STOP ampoule can be used underneath the balm. As additional support against wrinkles apply the PERFECT FUTURE ampoule before using the PURIFYING VITAL BALM.

Effective ingredients:
Epidermist: holistic perfectionizer, refines pores, smoothes skin texture
Normaseb™: regulates the production of sebum in optimal conditions - balance is retained
Microsilver: decreases inflammation and prevents the formation of acne-causing bacteria in a way that is gentle on the skin
Resveratrol: "youth molecule" from wine that activates anti-aging enzymes and corrects the aging process - for a younger and more vital skin appearance

Retail size - 40 ml

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