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ProbioSense Soothing and comforting probiotic balm Effects

• Supports a healthy balance of the skin microbiome

• Stabilizes the skin barrier

• Calming

• Improves the moisture content of the skin

Selling tips

• Effective formula with probiotic agent Biotilys® and prebiotic Inulin

• Supports the natural skin flora (microbiome-friendly balm)

• Soothes irritations and redness, provides multiple protection (phytexcell mimosa extract, hyaluronic acid and borage oil)

• Caring and protecting, particularly with sensitive and dry skin

• Innovative airless jar protects the product against external influences

• Free from mineral oil, silicones, PEG containing emulsifiers, colorants and parabens

Main ingredients

• Biotilys®: probiotics, barrier-strengthening, calming

• Inulin: prebiotics, moisturizing

•Phytexcell Mimosa: strengthening, wound-healing

• Borage oil: moisture-regulating, skin-calming, soothing

• Hyaluronic acid: moisture-binding, elasticity-improving

• Shea Butter: regenerating, skin-calming

• Vitamin A: smoothing, firming, cell-generating •

Vitamin E: anti-oxidative, smoothing

• Jojoba oil: moisture-binding

Application After cleansing, apply morning and evening

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