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100% Vegan & Organic

Anyone buying natural cosmetics wants to be assured that they know exactly what they are buying. To reassure our customers ALL BIO:VEGANE products carry the NATRUE and Vegan Society labels.

100% NATRUE - Complete transparency

NATRUE is an independent label that only certifies natural products world wide, which fulfils the highest standards in terms of natural ingredients, quality, credibility and transparency. This makes it especially days for our customers to identify truly natural cosmetics at a glance because all BIO:VEGANE products are certified to the NATRUE guidelines.


For ethical and moral reasons the demand for vegan cosmetics is growing steadily. With other groups of consumers now also taking an interest in purchasing the type of product. it is fast becoming clear that vegans are not the only ones concerned about buying cosmetics that are not tested on animals and skin care that does not contain animal derivatives. 

All BIO:VEGANE products are register with the Vegan Society, London. Customers can be confident that they are buying natural, vegan, organic cosmetics that never contain and are never manufactured using animal derived ingredients.

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