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Hyper Sensitive - Hypoallergen 24 hr Care

Hyper Sensitive - Hypoallergen 24 hr Care

BIODROGA MD HYPER SENSITIVE Hypoallergen* 24-h Care leaves virtually nothing to be desired in the care of sensitive skin. Thanks to its DMC basis, the creme is free from emulsifiers. 24-hour care is recommended specifically for dry and very sensitive skin, and skin prone to neurodermatitis. It impresses with its very supple texture and provides optimum, dermatologically confirmed skin tolerance. In addition to DMC, resurrection plant complex, D-panthenol, and evening primrose oil, it contains the following: shea butter nourishes, protects, and smoothes the skin and provides a pleasant, velvety-smooth skin sensation. Avocado oil is characterized by its very high vitamin A, B, D, and E content, its phytosterols, and its unsaturated fatty acid content. Dry, sensitive skin becomes supple and soft.

• Promises optimal skin tolerance
• Around-the-clock targeting of the needs of sensitive and dry skin.
• Nourishes, smoothes, strengthens, and protects the skin
• Promotes natural skin balance
• Prevents the skin from drying out
• Optimizes its fat and moisture levels
• Improves the development of the natural skin protection barrier and thus increases its protective mechanisms.
• Strengthens skin resilience
• Soothes the skin and reduces irritations and redness
• Guards against skin inflammatory processes
• Activates the retention of moisture in the skin
• Leaves a relaxed and balanced complexion
• Leaves a pleasant velvety and supple skin sensation

The HYPER SENSITIVE Hypoallergen
24-h Care For very sensitive and dry has been dermatologically tested on extrem sensible skin and valued as very good.

*value after 4 weeks, source: Derma Consult Concept GmbH ,20 test persons

Retail Size : 50 ml & Salon Size : 200 ml

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