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Enzyme Booster Peeling - Retail 50ml
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Enzyme Booster Peeling - Retail 50ml

Product Description Gently removes dead skin tissues, refines the skin structure, and stimulates skin own keratolytic enzymes.

Effect Structure refinement + Freshness

Skin Type Suitable for every skin type

Availability Retail and Professional product.

Main Ingredients Lactic Acid | Exfolboost

Application Apply daily in the evening after cleansing and using toner on the skin, do not apply to the eye and lip area. Then remove with lukewarm water. Avoid eye contact! * Do not go into direct sunlight after use. Be sure to apply SPF.

Treatment Options Can be particularly suitable for treatments for sensitive skin or dry skin requiring regeneration. Suitable as an ideal cleansing product for treatments in the cool seasons if the skin type allows it.

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