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Spa Sensation Body Treatments - Salon

Spa Sensation Body Treatments - Salon


For intensive care of dry, flaky skin.

Due to biologically active substance, the results of this procedure can be noticed after only one treatment – skin will become velvet smoothe. Maximum care will be provided by inducing metabolism for dry, dehydrated skin. Biodroga Spa Sensation series milk and honey mask has a soothing effect on sun-damaged, red, irritated skin. Even driest spots (calfs, elbows, decollete and hands) will be moisturized.


This treatment relaxes body, restores and firms body lines, smoothes cellulite, induces cleansing and elimination of waist roducts.

BIODROGA aroma seaweed body mask is aroma and thalass therapy combination. Seaweed includes a high concentration (100 times) biologicaly active substance like mineral salts, magnium, calcium, potassium, vitamins and acids.

Specially combined biologically active substance improves microcirculation in a short time. Therefore improves skin cell activity. Body tissue slightly warms up activating metabolism, getting rid of waist products and body fat. The warmth is also induced by BIODROGA thermo film. The treatment reduces water accumulation in tissue and your body will become more resilient and relaxed, skin will be more even, smoothe. 


This luxurious body treatment works its magic on more than your skin. An Arabian nights-style dream. Simply close your eyes and let go, dropping straight into a world filled with precious treasures of cashmere and silk, carried on a wave of gentle relaxing skin care. Experience the ultimate in silky soft, relaxed skin along with an unparalleled subtle, fascinating shimmer.
Biodroga products are inspired by nature and work on a completely harmonising, holistic cosmetology. They have more than fifty years experience in creating these outstanding formulas from their laboratories based in Baden-Baden, Germany.

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