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10% Acid Peeling - Retail 50ml

10% Acid Peeling - Retail 50ml

Product Description Refines the complexion, reduces wrinkles and pigment spots, smoothes the skin structure, stimulates skin renewal, makes the skin radiant.

Effect Skin smoothing and glow

Skin Type Suitable for all skin types

Emulsion  No emulsion gel based product

Availability Retail product

Main Ingredients Black Forest Complex | AHA Acid | PHA Acid

Application Apply to cleansed face two to three times a week (once sensitive skin), leave out the eye area and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Then remove with lukewarm water. Avoid eye area. Use light protection during the day. Do not go into direct sunlight after use.

Treatments Can be integrated into any Biodroga treatment.

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