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Multi Derm+ Mask
Dr Schrammek UK

Multi Derm+ Mask


Multifunctional mask as basis for derma.cosmetics ampoules


• Stabilizes the natural resistance of the skin
• Cell activity is stimulated
• Protects cellular DNA against UV radiation
• Activates when mixed with a derma.cosmetics ampoule • Effects individually tailored to skin type

Buying tip

• Hydrating effect
• Anti-stress basis
• Protects the skin
• Smoothes and regenerates the skin
• Free from fragrances, colorants, parabens, mineral oil and silicon

Main ingredients

• Panthenol
• Candle brush extract (Cassia alata leaf extract)
• Active complex of zinc in combination with bioactive amino acids •Allantoin


Directions for use

Mix approx. 8 -10 g MULTI DERM with 1 ml ampule and apply
generously to face, neck and cleavage. After approx.15 minutes wipe off any remnants of the mask.

SALON USE Only size : 125 ml 
Wholesale clients can purchase via logging on to their wholesale account

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