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Anti Redness - Rosa Calming Serum & CUPEROSE SERUM

Anti Redness - Rosa Calming Serum & CUPEROSE SERUM

The concentrated Rosa-Calming Serum includes the innovative tetrapeptide Telangyn™. It helps to counter inflammatory processes which may lead to disturbed functions of skin and vasodilation. Supporting ingredients improve the strength of the vascular walls and their resistance. Salicin has an astringent effect. With regular use, redness gradually fades.

Principal ingredient: Telangyn™

Further ingredients:
Quercetin protects against free radicals and helps to prevent the development of irritations

Rutin belongs to the group of the flavonoids and protects against UV radiation. It strengthens the small capillaries of skin

Salicin supports the effect of Quercetin and Rutin in a synergistic way and has an astringent effect

Red wine leaf extract is known from medicine for the treatment of veins. It strengthens the tissue and the vascular walls of the small capillaries.

Horse chestnut extract is also used in medicine for the strengthening of the veins. It increases the resistance of the small capillaries of skin.

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