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BIODROGA MD CLEANSING mild cleansing milk is the first step in the professional skin care process. Pomegranate extract possesses antioxidant properties and nourishes the skin. Aloe vera provides moisture to the skin. Soybean and sunflower seed oils ensure that, immediately after cleansing, the skin feels nourished and smooth.Suitable for all skin types!

BIODROGA MD CLEANSING Refreshing Skin Lotion tones the skin without drying it out.Step two of the Biodroga MD regimen. The pomegranate extract with its antioxidant properties protects the skin. Aloe vera ensures good moisturization. Any remnants of the previously applied cleansing product will be removed with the toner.

BIODROGA MD INSTANT LIFT SERUM This high-performance serum activates skin’s regeneration capacity in order to effectively counter the undesired signs of skin ageing.

ANTI-AGE is the ultimate Anti-Age care range to turn back the hands of time. Using a special Power peptide-variant, Novo Peptide³ technology, This peptide’s effects are dependent upon which signs of ageing becoming especially pronounced and which signs are already present.

The BIODROGA MD EVEN & PERFECT CC Cream LSF 20 Colour Correction is a perfect all rounder for a conditioned, even skin tone. The beige-colored texture of this Colour Correction Cream is converted into a light make-up foundation when applied to skin and adapts itself to any skin tone – whether porcelain complexion or olive-coloured skin.

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